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MMP stands for “Mach Mich Passig”. It is an internet based solution for preparing a file for upload to fotocommunity.

There is two important edges when uploading a photo to fotocommunity. The file must not be larger than 450 kilobytes and not wider and taller than 1000 pixels.

If one of these conditions is not being met, it will be automatically downsized and compressed. By doing so the photo will loose in quality and there will be artefacts to be seen.
[Details and explanition to compression artefacts.]

MMP prepares any given photo to fulfil those upload conditions by maximizing quality. This is done in several steps, first the file will be downsized to a desired size and afterwards optimized to the maximum possible filesize.

Upload photo
Datei hier her ziehen

Das Photo auf nicht mehr als Kilobytes optimieren.
Die optimale Bildqualität ist bei einer Qualitäts-Einstellung von erreicht.


In the past it sometimes came to complications with the status display. When this should occur you have the possibility to upload via an alternative form. This one does not have a status display.
[uploading a photo with the alternative form]